Board and train at Sociable Dog

We're so exclusive that we only take one dog at a time.*

*(a maximum of two if they are from the same household)

The Cabin at Sociable Dog

The Cabin is our new board and train facility. We offer intensive reward-based training to individually tailored behaviour improvement plans. Whether you want to make leaps in general obedience or tackle specific challenging behaviour problems, booking a stay with us will allow your dog to make real strides forward. 

We don’t call this a boot camp because that’s not how we work. When your dog is with us, we want them enjoying every moment because let’s face it, we all learn better when we’re relaxed, stress-free and having fun - dogs are no different.

Why does residential training make sense?

Our board and train programme brings real benefits:

  • One-to-one attention from a qualified and experienced behaviour and training expert with a bespoke training programme designed around your and your dog’s needs
  • Completely positive, gentle training methods, based on the science of how dog’s learn for consistent behaviour improvement
  • Three daily training sessions for accelerated learning: on site or out and about
  • Training at your dog’s pace with growing levels of distraction so that learning sticks
  • Easy transfer of the knowledge and training techniques so you can keep up the progress at home - we video and stream training sessions so that you can see your dog learning and how to carry it forward
  • The solid results that come from repetition, consistency and a measured step-by-step approach to training, which even the most loving owners often simply don’t have the time to achieve in a busy, everyday life
  • Which all adds up to a relaxed and confident dog that you’re happy to take with you anywhere

And while with us, your dog will enjoy five star accommodation and have the chance to kick back and play as well as get out on walks in the surrounding countryside.

What training do you offer?

We can provide intensive training for a whole range of behaviour issues:

  • General obedience training, including relaxed, loose lead walking, reliable recall, impulse control and calm behaviour around other dogs and people
  • Aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, including lunging, barking and snarling or poor play skills
  • Specific behaviour challenges, including guarding toys or food

A home away from home

Your dog will enjoy exclusive use of our spacious purpose built cabin, designed to accommodate the needs of even the most demanding hound, It has regulated heating and cooling, comfy beds and double glazing. We've even set up a streaming service so that you can check in on your chum's progress while they’re with us.

We’ve set up the cabin to make your dog feel like they are in a home environment. Arranged as a studio apartment, there’s a kitchen area, comfortable seating, desk and a table and chairs. This not only makes your dog feel more comfortable, but allows us to train in a real life environment for issues such as door dashing and counter surfing or simply to teach calm behaviour at human meal times or while you’re working. It also means we can spend down time with your dog outside the formal training sessions.

  •   Fully insulated and secure.
  •   Wifi access means that you can log in to see your dog's progress.
  •   Access to three hundred- square miles of Salisbury Plains on the doorstep.
  •   A fantastic enclosed dog exercise field close by for those guests who need to let off steam but can't be off lead in public.

How long to book and what to expect

Residential, intensive training is a great fit for many people. You might have been struggling with challenging behaviours and just need someone to take over and train a solution. You might be experiencing a change in circumstances that means you need training done more quickly than is possible on your own. Or, you might just be short of time and sending your dog for an educational holiday takes the pressure off. We can help whatever the reason.

Two week stay

Two weeks is the shortest stay we offer at The Sociable Dog Cabin.

In that time, we can teach your dog some basic obedience skills with low distraction levels.

We'll give you a great head start in loose lead walking, recall, sit/down stay, leave it and good manners around people. We'll help your dog learn impulse control so that you can enjoy your walks as well as those every day things we all like to do with our dogs such as visiting pubs and coffee shops, having guests round or visiting friends’ homes.

Three to four week stay

If you opt for three to four weeks, we can start to introduce some more significant distractions to the training. This means that you will start to see better performance around things that your dog finds exciting such as other dogs or people (which, as you probably recognise is often when they forget their good behaviour). We will also be able to build on the first couple of weeks, getting performance solid and reliable.

Six week stay

A six-week stay with us will really get things rocking. You will see a high level of performance around distractions and strong reliability in a variety of situations.

If your dog has specific, challenging behaviour issues like resource guarding (food bowls, toys, furniture) or they are fearful or aggressive towards other dogs, this is the length of stay we recommend to make progress.

Weekday only stays

If the prospect of your dog being away for several weeks is just too daunting for you, we can understand that. We can also offer weekday only stays where we train with your dog during the week and you have the chance to practice what they’ve learned at the weekend back at home.

Contact us for details.

Want to chat?

If you want to have a chat about whether your dog would benefit from a training holiday with us, we’re always ready to talk. Give us a call on 07779 100079 or fill in the contact form and we’ll ring you back.

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